Database InfoSec: Best Secure Database Software (W9)

Today there are several ways to build an efficient database, especially if you’re familiar with SQL. Also, there are many ways to quickly build a database as well, using database software. When using software to build a database, you have to ask yourself the cost, the needed personnel, but most importantly, the security. Below is the best secure software for building databases.

SQL Server

This software is owned and released by Microsoft, and is very popular among database administrators. SQL Sever can be used on the cloud, and is high performance based. It has multiple versions such as standard, web, developer, etc, and it cost anywhere between free and $14,000+. Microsoft offers 24/7 support for the product and training sites, videos, and forums. However, most importantly, security is a big deal for SQL Server. “Protect data at rest and in motion with a database that has the least vulnerabilities of any major platform for six years running in the NIST vulnerabilities database (National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Vulnerability Database, May 4, 2015). Security innovations in SQL Server 2016 help secure data for mission-critical workloads with a layers of protection security approach, adding Always Encrypted technology along with row-level security, dynamic data masking, transparent data encryption (TDE), and robust auditing” (Microsoft, 2017).


DB2 is offered by IBM on the cloud, Linux, Unix, Windows, and Connect. The cost about $1500 per year per user, and includes support and basic training. This software has security as well, such as authentication and authorization. For more information on IBM DB2, click here.


This software is also offered by Microsoft. It can be found in the 365 Professional, Education, and Personal packages. However, if you wish to purchase the software along, it’ll cost you a little over $100. When using the program, you can build forms (UI), queries (SQL/VBA), along with relationship tables. Microsoft Access has the basic security measures, but DBA will need to program and set most security options, like password protection, access control, etc.


Of course there’s more software out there that allows you to build a secure database, like Oracle and SAP. And there’s a lot of free database software as well. But no matter what software you choose to build your individual or organizational database, it’s important that you keep infomation security in mind to protect against attacks, incidents, and other potential risks and threats.



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